Referee Training Session In Baghdad

Padel Training Session for Padel in Baghdad

Mustafa Shaker

6/3/20232 min read

Empowering Local Referees: Iraqi Padel Federation Conducts Referee Training Session

In a significant stride towards enhancing the standard of padel officiation within the nation, the Iraqi Padel Federation has successfully organized a referee training session. This initiative is a crucial step in preparing the first generation of local referees in Iraq to officiate matches and tournaments in the future.

The comprehensive training course saw the participation of 15 individuals eager to delve into the nuances of padel refereeing. The sessions encompassed an in-depth exploration of international laws governing padel, shedding light on the latest updates and crucial amendments made to the sport's regulations.

The goal of this training initiative is twofold: to equip referees with a profound understanding of international standards and to cultivate a proficient cadre of officials capable of presiding over high-stakes matches and competitions. By investing in the education and training of referees, the Iraqi Padel Federation is not only ensuring the fair and accurate adjudication of matches but is also contributing to the overall elevation of padel as a sport within the country.

As the first generation of local referees emerges from this training program, the Iraqi Padel Federation anticipates their pivotal role in upholding the integrity of the sport and fostering a positive and competitive padel environment in Iraq.