Iraq Padel Federation

Iraqi Padel Federation: Pioneering Padel Sports in Iraq

The Iraqi Padel Federation, headquartered in Baghdad, takes the lead in organizing, supporting, and advancing all Padel sports activities across the nation.

Padel, a racket sport played with specialized rackets and balls, is commonly enjoyed as a doubles game within an enclosed court. The court features walls made of resilient glass, ensuring a specific thickness and height. The court dimensions, spanning 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length, are equally divided by a separation net.

Established in 1969 in Mexico by Enrique Corqueira, padel has gained widespread popularity, particularly in Latin American countries and Europe, with a significant presence in Spain, Portugal, and France. In the Arab region, countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have embraced padel, with Qatar notably hosting professional tournaments in the region.

The oversight of all local federations, their annual schedules, and both local and international championships falls under the purview of the International Padel Federation. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the International Padel Federation plays a pivotal role in shaping the global standards and future of Padel.

With the Iraqi Padel Federation at the forefront, padel is set to thrive in Iraq, contributing to the broader global landscape of this dynamic sport.

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Iraq Padel Federation: Fostering Padel Excellence in Iraq

The Iraq Padel Federation stands as the cornerstone of padel sports in the nation, serving as a local federation headquartered in Baghdad. With a mission to manage, organize, support, and develop all aspects of padel sports activities in Iraq, the federation is committed to fostering excellence and growth within the sport.

Situated at the heart of Baghdad, the Federation has become the epicenter for the flourishing padel community in Iraq. Its multifaceted role encompasses the meticulous organization of tournaments, the establishment of robust support systems, and the continuous development of the sport at various levels.

The Federation's dedication goes beyond the administrative realm. It actively engages in the creation and maintenance of high-quality facilities, working to build state-of-the-art stadiums that provide optimal playing environments. Additionally, the Federation invests in the development of training camps, ensuring that aspiring players have access to world-class coaching and facilities.

The vibrant calendar of events orchestrated by the Iraq Padel Federation includes both internal and external tournaments, creating a platform for local talent to showcase their skills and compete on an international stage. As part of its broader vision, the Federation collaborates directly with the International Padel Federation, aligning with global standards and ensuring Iraq's representation in the international padel community.

With a non-profit ethos, the Iraq Padel Federation boasts members who are not only specialists in tennis and sports but also passionate investors dedicated to supporting the game both technically and financially. This commitment enables the Federation to operate independently, contributing to the sustained growth of padel in Iraq.

While navigating the path of development, the Federation has encountered challenges, including the presence of groups attempting to impersonate the local federation. However, the Iraq Padel Federation remains steadfast, choosing a friendly and collaborative approach to ensure the continued provision of services within Iraq.

As the recognized authority for padel in Iraq, the Federation takes pride in its pivotal role. It looks forward to international recognition, having set a scheduled visit in February to fulfill the requirements outlined by the International Padel Federation. This commitment is documented through official correspondence, solidifying Iraq's place in the global padel community.

In the coming days, the Iraq Padel Federation assures stakeholders that aspirations for the growth of padel within the country will be met positively. Embracing a spirit of sportsmanship, the Federation is open to arranging video calls with international partners, fostering connections that will contribute to the development and spread of padel in Iraq.

The Iraq Padel Federation remains dedicated to its vision, charting the course for a vibrant and successful future for padel sports in Iraq.

“Our Dream is to see our National Team achieve the best and hold the trophy ”

- MUstafa Shaker

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