Iraq Padel Federation

Our Aspirations: Forging a Bright Future for Padel in Iraq

At the heart of the Iraqi Padel Federation lie our steadfast goals, propelling us toward a future where Padel stands as a thriving sport within our nation. Our aspirations are deeply rooted in a commitment to excellence and the holistic development of padel. Here are our key objectives:

Excellence in the Region:

We strive to be recognized as one of the premier Padel Federations in our region, setting the standard for excellence in the development and promotion of Padel sports.

Padel Development in Iraq:

Our commitment extends to the comprehensive development of Padel in Iraq. We envision a nation where Padel not only thrives as a sport but becomes an integral part of our cultural and sporting identity.

Professional Mentality:

Central to our mission is the cultivation of a new generation of Padel Players equipped with a professional mentality. We aim to instill values of discipline, sportsmanship, and dedication, nurturing players who not only excel on the court but contribute positively to society.

Expansion Across Cities:

With a vision for widespread accessibility, we aspire to establish Padel Courts in all cities across Iraq. By bringing the game to diverse communities, we aim to make padel a sport that transcends geographical boundaries.

Global Collaboration:

Embracing the global nature of Padel, we aspire to establish cooperative relations with Padel Federations worldwide. Through collaboration, we seek to exchange knowledge, and experiences, and foster a sense of unity within the international padel community.

As we pursue these ambitious goals, our dreams for the future of Padel in Iraq remain boundless. We are unwavering in our commitment to realizing the best for our sport, our players, and our nation.

Dreaming of the Best, Striving for Excellence.